Vote for Mel, round 2

As you may or may not know, Mel (my big sis) entered a bride competition a few months ago. Well she made the finals and it’s time to vote again! If she wins this time she gets money (she likes money) and will buy me dinner (I like dinner). Please?

Vote for Melissa Valle at TrueBride

 The vote link is in the right hand column and opens up an e-mail, it can be sent in with or without a message. Thank you!

Edit: Since there’ve already been so many pictures of Mel and Steve, we offer you a photo of Tiger (right) and Storm (left) as kittens. It would be too cheap to say they ask you to vote for their mommy, so I… whoops.


Warning! Spoilers after the jump.

When we first saw the trailer for 300 at the end of my Happy Feet DVD, Will and I turned to each other and agreed, “Well… That looked trashy. Probably not worth watching on the big screen.”

Last night however we ran out of things to keep us entertained and ended up going to see it. I’m glad we did, and now I have to say that if you are going to watch it, watch it on a very, very big screen.

The visuals and action sequences (I counted two, each of which lasted for approximately 45% of the movie) were stunning. It was extremely gory, but things were so heavily stylised that it didn’t feel gory.

As for the storyline, there is none. They feed you little morsels every now and then about how life is back in Sparta, but you know they’re not really trying. Those scenes mainly provide a chance for your eyes to rest, refocus, and prepare for round 2. (Save of course for when the ever-feisty Queen Gorgo skewered Theron, quite rightfully so too. Revenge is nothing if not entertaining.)

I was mildly disappointed that the best fight scenes were the first ones and they didn’t give us a grand over-the-top finale. I like finales. They could’ve also done a bit more with the Persian army overviews. Remember 10000 Uruk-hai at Helm’s Deep? Just imagine what they could’ve done with hundreds of thousands of Persian soldiers.

Now I know there’s been a bit of a political stir over 300. I see it as just a movie, loosely based on historical fact with the term ‘loosely’ used very, very loosely. It’s not meant to feel real, or be anything that was real. To be fair though, if those were ancient Chinese depicted as a disfigured, RuPaul-worshipping mob, I’d be slightly pissed off too.

It was worth the price of a movie ticket – a great movie it is not, but it is something new, unique and visually fantastic. And, pants are optional.

Becca’s rating:

Will the man’s rating:

Becca buys a phone

My phone bills have been pretty high lately due to how much I text, so I went ahead and switched to a more fitting tariff plan. I figured I might as well look for a new phone as well – my Nokia 3120 served me well, but after so many drops and falls it was time for the old girl to retire.

It’s not uncommon for me to walk into a store and find absolutely nothing that I’d consider handing over cash for. Poor Mom and Will had to stand there listening to my typical product responses:

“What do you think of this?”
“I don’t know, it’s kind of ugly.”
“What about this one?”
“I’d like it if it wasn’t so horrible.”

I wouldn’t say I’m a nightmare so much as I’m blatantly honest.

Nokia 5300 I ended up choosing a Nokia 5300 in grey. I’m pleased with it so far; it’s sturdy, user-friendly, and the music player is nice since I don’t own an MP3 player. I haven’t played with it that much yet, but apparently it should prove impressive. It’s my first camera phone so I can’t rate that, but according to Momsy the picture quality’s great for a mobile.

On the downside the back cover was annoying as hell to open and the default themes were horrendous at best (save for the plain blue Nokia one, which is boring but inoffensive).

Now to start downloading Star Trek addons to turn it into a tricorder…

Site redesigned (possible theme release?)

The latest incarnation of Beccary is now live, as you can hopefully see.

I’d known for a while that I wanted to do a darker blue and green theme but didn’t really have any ideas beyond that. Then a few weeks ago JD of (who as you may know sponsors and hosts my WP themes) sent me Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think. What happened exactly is beyond me, but after reading it a little screenshot with all these page elements and colours sitting just as you see them popped into my head.

The tree is from IStockPhoto and all icons are either from or modified from FamFamFam’s Silk Icon set. I know that the sidebar displays funky in IE5, I’m still working on ironing that out. Additional bug reports are welcome.

Now I don’t usually release my current themes to the public (blame it on my inner narcissist) but depending on public response I am considering releasing this one (replacing the tree and icons of course).

On the plus side it could work at different widths and with a lot of colour schemes. In fact, I was thinking I could package it with a few schemes – not only would that make it more interesting, but it’d then be much easier for users to add their own colours.

On the downside, I have absolutely no idea how to make the sidebar sections alternate with widgets. Hmm…

What do you reckon?

Edit:It’s now 12:10am, April 1st. I obviously didn’t make it. Hopefully there’ll be time to finish fine-tuning things this week, but no promises since I tried that already and it just sucks when they fall through. Becca’s sorry, she really tried.

Edit #2: It’s still coming, I swear! I’ve been sick as a sick dog over the past week though, so this will have to receive a to-do list demotion until I’ve caught back up with studying and work.

It’s nice to be appreciated


Will had an ebook he wanted to read on the PSP I’d bought him for his birthday. Having no idea how to read .lit files on it, I used ConvertLIT GUI to convert the book into an HTML file.

Since it was a massive and rather unreadable file, I split it up for him into chapters, styled the pages, and added a nice little nav bar.

It was the first time he’d seen anyone messing with code. It’s pretty easy for me to forget that it’s not something the majority of the world does and enjoys.

His response?

“Wow… Now I have so much respect for you and what you do.”

It’s nice to be appreciated.

Five things about me

Mae tagged me to tell you five things you probably don’t yet know about me. Let’s go.

  1. I can’t sleep with my ears exposed. This is what happens when you let 7-year-olds watch The X-Files.
  2. I once kicked a cat. We were staying with a relative in San Francisco when I was 10 and her cat was a sadist. It would purr against you and the moment you tried to pet it it would clamp its jaws down with all its might around your hand. Then it took to forgoing the purring and just biting my feet whenever it saw me. So I put on my shoes and when it attacked I kept nudging it back until it realised victory was no longer an option. Looking back I realise that it never scratched me and was probably declawed. Now I feel bad about it.
  3. As unreligious and unspiritual as I am, I keep an image of the Buddha in my wallet. It keeps me safe.
  4. Once I was in a VCD store with Will and this fart-y smell kept following us around. All these people were glancing at him suspiciously. It was me. I like how no one considered the possibility that it could’ve been the girl.
  5. When terrified I recite pi. Wow, that makes me sound like a loser.

Now I’m meant to tag five people, but I’m not going to because I’m scared I’ll tag someone who hates these things (hey, there’s number six for you). If you don’t mind them though, leave a little comment and I’ll tag you.

  •   Fishermen haul in world’s biggest squid: “A gigantic 10m-long squid, believed to be the largest ever found, has been caught by New Zealand fishermen… Weighing an estimated 450kg, the colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) was eating a hooked toothfish when it was hauled to the surface of the New Zealand vessel San Aspiring…” (14)
  •   Desktopography: Beautiful and relaxing nature-themed wallpapers. I’m a big fan of Chill and Hushed. (3)
  • The best thing about pictionary is seeing how other people think. Apparently I’m messed up because I thought the man in a box with another man beside him was ‘deathbed’. It was mirror.

Themes updated

All themes have been updated with the following changes:

  • Added an option to display/hide post authors
  • Added an option to use the date specified in WP’s general options page (uses the_time(get_settings('date_format')))
  • Added links to trackback URLs (if pingbacks are enabled) and comment feeds (if comments or pingbacks are enabled) on single post pages
  • Added previous/next post links on single post pages
  • Changed index, category and archive page navigation from posts_nav_link() to next_posts_link() and previous_posts_link()due to localisation problems
  • Added CSS classes you can use to give your images borders

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I’ve also spent a bit of time lately searching for WP 2.1 compatible themes with widget support for a friend, and I have to say that Blog.txt and Qwilm!2 are fantastic.

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