War of the Worlds (Spoilers Ahead)

Just finished watching War of the Worlds. Honestly, I don’t know what the fuss was all about. The first descriptive word that came out of my mouth when I left the cinema was ‘mediocre’ (for Spielberg’s standards), and that was to avoid insulting my boyfriend in case he enjoyed it.

Before I get to any real spoilers though, the funniest part of the two hours had to be the guy sitting behind me. Near the beginning of the movie, this question was asked: “What’s the capital of Australia?” Whoever was behind me promptly announced in a know-it-all voice, “I know. Sydney!” Pffft.

Back to the film though. It started off brilliantly, I loved the lightning strikes and the tripod’s emergence from underground. Thankfully the son’s ‘I hate you dad’ scenes were limited.

Halfway through though things started to go A.I. The basement cat-and-mouse game seemed to last hours, turning what could have been a welcome break from all the destruction into something dreadfully dull.

The ending was rushed and crude. Could they not have hinted that the aliens were dying before the last ten minutes of the movie? And of course the military needed Tom Cruise the action hero to point out that the shields were down, apparently they don’t have brains of their own.

I did like the part though when the family gets kicked out of the car by the mob, that was a bit more realistic and emotional. Not much else in the movie made me care about them enough to root for them to survive.

Maybe I’ll go buy the book, I’m sure I’ll find it more impressive.

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  • July 6, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I was a little disappointed in it also. The whole movie was people running. I kept thinking, when are they going to bring these things down (like in ID4 with Will Smith), but it never happened.

  • Jenny said,
    July 7, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    personally i liked the old one. i havent seen the new and dont plan on doing so. but who knows. when it comes out on DVD i might get bored enough to rent it.

  • Elea said,
    July 7, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Ah, good. I thought the movie would be mediocre at best (even the previews seemed lame to me), and since you’ve now confirmed my suspicions, I will no longer need to waste my money in order to prove my own theory.

  • char said,
    July 7, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I think it’s alot of hype about it and I still haven’t seen it and really not to interested in it, thank goodness by boyfriend isn’t to keen on seeing it.

  • Stacey said,
    July 8, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I totally agree. This movie was so hyped up. I love the beginging but the movie feeling lost. The ending suck. Of course my friend that I went with disagrees but there was too many loose ends. Also throughout the movie I kept thinking, did they not see ID4. They could have been kill these aliens.

  • Skye said,
    July 9, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I haven’t seen it – something about Tom Cruise makes me not want to. Lol, but I liked the old radio tapes. They were so amazing – so I’m also worried I’ll be disappointed. I love hearing people from overseas talk about Australia when they don’t know much about it. I wonder how many actually know that Canberra exists.

  • Kiks said,
    July 10, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I never understood on how the aliens died. Were it those single celled organisms? (Are they called protoctista?) Were the aliens evolved plants?

  • Lyssa MacMillan said,
    July 11, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Well, I won’t be going to see it, now, after these reviews, so thanks for the heads-up. I also wanted to comment that I am from the USA, and I know that Sydney is not the capital and that Canberra is, only because I’ve been there. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) at how little most Americans care about anything outside our borders. The current administration doesn’t help widen minds any, either. 😉

  • MeanJoeT said,
    July 11, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I really enjoyed the movie. The action was intense, the aliens looked pretty cool, the acting was very good, and the special effects were amongst the best I’ve ever seen.However…..I still don’t understand the end of the movie!!!!!! It’s driving me crazy. Can someone explain to me what finally brought down the aliens??? Was the Tom Cruise Hand Grenade the beginning of the end? I’m assuming the birds there at the end because the aliens were dying?? Help!!!

  • yvette said,
    July 12, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    i enjoyed the movie in the beginning, all those blast and whoa from the special effects, but it’s just testing my tolerance level when it moves towards the end.here’s my little theory for the ending, it may not be correct though.MAJOR SPOILERS HERE PEOPLE!!the aliens are taken down by germs on Earth. period. apparently they may be just flu to us but could be fatal to the aliens (according to the movie at least). the tripods aren’t just robots, but bio-mechanics, inferred from the scenes that they need to eat like organisms (the humans all sucked up by them). and that is why they are susceptible to germs as well, thereby losing their protective shields.and not to forget of course, Spielberg is the one who made this ending unconvincing than ever.

  • Stuart said,
    July 12, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I agree with Yvette here on the part about the ending. It didnt amount to anything and it sure was too quick and i was thinking incredulously ‘its over?!?!?’. What the hell happened? How come those aliens died all of a sudden? Initially I thought the birds were the principal weapon against the aliens as well as grenades. How come the weapons managed to get past their shields? Did the humans create an anti-shield weapon or did the aliens simply forget how to turn it on?!?!? Through the movie I thought the aliens would be killed by people being sucked up while carrying grenades so they could have gone past the sheilds and blown them up.Germs may have killed the aliens – reminds me of times in history where the natives, upon being invaded by the europeans, were being killed by bacteria such as dysentry and typhoid. Surely the aliens could have brought their own germs and wiped out the humans as well. (How else could the martians have evolved over millenia?) That would ultimately destroy both sides and there would have not been an victory. People would have died from unknown diseases such as M-AIDS (Martian AIDs) or M-influeza. When i heard that Speilberg was directing this movie, i was eagerly anticipating to see it. When i saw it it very much reminded me of independence day (thank god for no bombs on famous monuments coz it wouldnt mean anything to the aliens! Just more wasted ammo.) Ive seen E.T. and Poltergeist etc.. so i thought it wouldve been another interesting movie to watch. Overall Id give it 2 stars for the special effects – they were cool, but the story was not logically conclusive.

  • draco said,
    July 14, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I thought this show was great anyway. It depicted the panic and chaos in times of troubles and how many people would just push their ways, force, whatever just to survive as seen in the “being-pulled-out-of-car” and the “random-firing-at-the-driver” scenes.Though many people didn’t like the ending and found it too rushed or perhaps unconvincing. I for one think that it is entirely convincing that the aliens who planted those tripods million years ago didn’t realise they would return to a world that is going to be very much different then — more germs and diseases perhaps; think epidemics.I felt the lost in Tom Cruise when he surfaced from the farm house and saw red blood on the (used to) grasslands while looking for his daughter.I just think it’s a perfect one-of-a-kind movie though I would agree the story line/plot ain’t great. But like usual, perfect cinematography from Spielberg I say.

  • lucian said,
    July 15, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Graphics made it that much better.

  • zippy said,
    July 15, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    lol so many people have not seen the classic H G WELLS War of the worlds a Far better told story ………they tryed to use as much of the same apart from the lovers were no longer finding each other through aliens invading , instead he was taking his son and daughter to boston ……….but !!! why go to boston knowing these aliens are vaporising everything in sight ……o well lol the ending was almost identicle rather than a missile being thrown in for good measure in the original the flying machines glide to a halt and the alien’s arm slowly crawls outta the craft …….then its veins pulsate slowly and it dies ….. why the hell did they add extra kidd’s show Goop streaming from the aliens ship ? were they waiting for some child to go under the craft and then a presenter saying GOTCH YA ! rating 6/10 great CGI Naff Structure could have been better produced mr spielburg stop rushing these films like you do your sunday roast’s

  • Lara said,
    July 18, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Tom Cruise just scares me. I don’t think I’ll be seeing the movie any time soon, it looked silly to me even in the previews.

  • michael said,
    July 18, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Everyone seems to forget that the movie takes place in one point of view and one point of view alone, tom cruise’s. Everything he sees, we see, the downside being we don’t get to see a lot of other things (like the war between the tripods and the fighter planes).. About the only time we are not in his point of view are in the opening and ending sequences.In that regard how can the story be not one of loose ends? Tom’s insistence on going to Boston may seem absurb given the circumstances (cities being destroyed), but it represents mankind’s tendency to hope even against all odds. And even if he admits it not his hope is personified by his ex-wife, hence his longing to see her again amidst all the chaos.Granted, the first person persona was better utilized in another movie about aliens, Signs (also my favorite), but WOTW is as visceral as it gets, and i won’t hesitate to watch it over and over again.

  • Xan said,
    July 18, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Well reading all your interest in the good ol’e oz, im starting to think Tom should have headed down under… surely the aliens are as interested in Australia as you fine people.Seriously now though, i agree in sense that because of the skewed view of unfolding events as told by the eyes of Tom’s character, ultimately the movie leaves a level of depth wanting by the time the credits start rolling.Luckily we have Morgan Freeman’s fine introduction and conclusion to thank for providing some substance to ‘the bigger picture’.Many of you questioned the ending of the film, but im more interested in its beginning. Aliens decided that it would be a good idea to burry a few machines in the ground on a planet that is for all purposes un-inhabbitable for them? why not take it while you have the chance?Give humanity a few thousand years, maybe they’ll turn out ok and we wont have to crush them back into oblivion?Also I question the logic in hiding an invasion force, did it really stur an aura of surprise… i’d be pretty freaked seeing giant tri-pods whether they came from the ground or not… and doesnt there technology advance at all?surely they could have made improvements in the last few thousand years.Ok im ranting now, so ill finish by saying overall i didn’t mind Tom’s portrail.I was impartial to the script and its direction, but even so felt compelled by the lunatic character played by Tim Robbins.Special Effects… well big budget = top notch effects, so it was welcomed but not spectacular.I don’t see any reason to see it again, it did leave a taste of Independence Day, which wasn’t my favourite film at the time either…5/10

  • Xan said,
    July 18, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Oh and another thing, i loved hearing it was the japanese that took a few of the tri-pods down 1st at Okinawa? if i remember that part of the movie correctly.Makes sense that the japanese would try kamakaze tactics before any other nations, or at least thats how i read placing explosives into what is essentially the anus (pardon me) of those bio-mechanicals directly.

  • xyz said,
    July 19, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Just finished watching it… I wasn’t too impressed except for the initial suspense. Why would aliens leave machines on earth for a million years and come back to use them? That sounds stupid, we are talking about a million years of technological evolution here. Even substituting sticks and stones for nuclear warheads can’t come even close to such a comparison. Anyway… leaving all else aside, and assuming I was convinced with all the evidence, the story, etc etc… The movie was barely capable of keeping me in my seat…

  • jafer said,
    July 31, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I agree… the movie was crap.

  • jesse said,
    August 7, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I think your all nuts the movie was grait i mean of corse the movie does’t make sence if it did it would be boring and the reson the army didn’t notice the sheild was down is because they were trying to save people and the ending wasn’t short it started when they were in the basement with that guy he said thome other country killed some and the reson they left it for millons of years is because they wanted to keep a eye on us and if they didnt like how we lived they used them ane no nukes because they came so fast they had no time and don’t for get this is one of the frist movies to show the new york skyline

  • jesse said,
    August 7, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    i for got to finised that “without the twin towers

  • Becca said,
    August 7, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Jesse: A couple tips: Full stops and spell check. The other country was Japan, and the idea that they managed to bring one down had nothing to do with the aliens being killed off by bacteria (as it was said in a way that suggested they used force rather than the aliens dying by themselves). “the reson they left it for millons of years is because they wanted to keep a eye on us and if they didnt like how we lived they used them”I don’t recall that reasoning ever being part of the movie. So they weren’t actually cruel invaders, but oversized wardens instead? What boring lives they must have led on their home planet.“of corse the movie does’t make sence if it did it would be boring”No rebuttal needed. I’m really not impacted by whether or not other people liked WOTW. If you liked it, good for you, I’m glad you enjoyed those two hours in the cinema. I truly appreciate all the well thought out responses left here, but who could resist giving one certain comment (hint: it’s two above this one) a good ol’ “Wtf?”

  • Adysseus said,
    August 8, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Hmmm… not cruel ah? lol, yeah please… How would you like it if some strange creature snatched you up and start sucking the life out of you by FORCE. Not so much pleasent now huh? Point is, those so called *Aliens* were not bored on there own planet.. *shoot look at what they get to drive or piolet* lol cool machines…..Oh and Jesse is right they did keep it up to date… the twin tower thing (RIP) very detialed about his movies (Steven Spielberg), oh yeah and one more thing… you have to concider his age too… i mean the guy is almost 60.WOW it’s late over here to good night…LOL!

  • Dusty Rhodes said,
    August 13, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    well..i’m not quite sure what to think….part of me was actually freaked out by the blowhorn noise made by the machines…and the other part of me sat rather confused as hell throughout, pondering the same questions as others have posted before me…why?i agree with what someone else said…if this was shot to date in the 1800’s, i think it would have had more of an impact….seemed to be, with this being the technology era, someone would have infected it with a worm or virus…or even worse….SPYWARE!!!…lol….

  • McCoy said,
    August 25, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    As always, the book is much better than the movie. Just read the book (you don’t even have to buy it, though I recommend it, it’s worth it). Everything makes more sense than in the movie (it explains far more about the martians -which are quite different from the ones seen in the movie-, and why they die, for all the people who are still clueless). Moreover, I prefer 19th century atmosphere rather than present day one, makes it more interesting (trying to bring down the tripods with powder cannons is more interesting than tanks, copters and bazookas, people completely astonished by the martian technology gap bigger than in the movie being in present time). And in any case, it is a true masterpice of Sci-Fi literature, something I can’t say about the movie.Also, the old strategy videogame from 98 was quite good in my opinion, I really enjoyed it back then, specially because of Jeff Waynes’ music.

  • Moka said,
    August 26, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I was sooooooooooooooooooo……….disappointed…..speechless at the end….I was holding my breath to expect some “Extraordinary” or “Briliant” ideas on “How to defeat the invading aliens for dummy” but……..WHAAAAAAAAAAT? The germs take all the action……..well…….I was sooooooooooooo disapointed………I was holding my breath for nothing….

  • Adysseus said,
    August 27, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    LOLOLOLOL!!! to bad then…here i’ll give you somthing else to enjoy…Neon Genesis Evangelion.. (for those who dont like anime dont bother)

  • WAKzYon said,
    November 8, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I just finish watching war of the worlds, and i quite enjoyed itit was a refreshing change from the standard, hero comes and saves us all I like the fact that it was a tipical family were all the dad wants is to save his kids. not to strap on a machine gun and two rocket launcher and blow the living crap out of them.Granted the ending was not the beast and I think that they could of extened it a bit and told us some more about it. but maybe the point was for us to think about it ourselves.we who are so used to people spoon feeding us with all the information we want with out even questioning it or even trying to make up our own minds. And even on top of that this movie did what it was suppose to it made as think it showed us exactly what human nature and fear can do to people.PS if you are trying to herd thousands apon thousands of people and still trying to keep them and your troops alive the last thing I think you would check for is to see if birds are sitting on a giant metal machine that is trying to kill you. The movie was good,great acting, excellent CGI . Family safe .that was the point of the movie Tom Cruise must keep his family safe not blow the shit out of aliens!!!! OK

  • Jackdaw said,
    November 22, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I actually enjoyed this film very much. Tom Cruise was (in my opinion) stunning, comparing to other films he’s been in.The thing I liked the most of this film (apart from the amazing special effects) was how Spielberg managed to leave things for our imagination. To only hear the sound of those “machines” made me feel far worse than actually seeing them. From when it all started to the very ending I felt so puny, I wanted to hide somewhere, and that’s rare in films like these. When I feel uncomfortable about something my hands tend to turn cold, and I’m not kidding you, I had to sit on them during pretty much the whole film to keep them warm.Being separated from my family or those I care of is definately on my top 5 greatest fears’ list. I’m very sensitive to what other people are feeling and often “suck” their feelings in, without intending to (this is also known as being extremely empathic). The film was due to this very mentally tiring for me to watch, especially in the beginning when the father was trying so hard to keep his family together.The only thing that kind of dissapointed me was that the whole family managed to survive. Maybe they exaggerated the extermination a little, but in this case it is not likely for all of them to make it. I also have some “complaints” about the ending. First of all I think it ended far too quickly. Sure it’s good to keep us clueless, but it did seem a little rushed. I also don’t understand why the birds were picking on the machine, there should be dead bodies everywhere.Overall it’s a great film, and I’ll have to give it a score of 7/10.

  • lookin11 said,
    November 24, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Well, for those who are dissapointed by the fact that the Martians died as a result of earthly dieases, I can only say that is EXACTLY how HG Wells wrote it in the book. That was kind of the point of the whole story – that man is saved, not by his own cleverness, skill or hard work, but “by the humblest things that God, in his wisdom, has put upon this earth” to borrow a phrase from the book. Those that liked this version of the film might also like the original 1950 version which won awards for its special effects and is surprisingly well done, especially if you consider the quality of comparable sci-fi films of the period.

  • Anonymous said,
    November 25, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I thought that the movie was the best movie i ever saw it was a really good movie i could watch it every day 5 times a day it was a really great movie! i loved it!!

  • Jason said,
    November 25, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Horrible ending…Tom cruise wanted to go back to boston to give the kids back to his wife so he wouldn’t have to take care of them…he wasn’t a good father to them as you can see from all the whining in the pic…he didn’t want to desert them but instead figured he’d pawn em off to the wife. As he took them to his wife I think he grew to realize he loved them and would do anything to protect them…I’d have knocked my son out and just dragged him along. Son should have died…would have made more sense…Whole army obliterated etc. etc. and son gets back to Boston before anyone else lol yeah right and everyone is alive…how about son dies, her new husband dies, he comes back…he reedems himself and they have dakota and that baby together cuz now tom wants to have a real family…let me right the script next time…PATHETIC AND YOU SOLD OUT SPEILBERG…you’ve made a lot of great movies but lately you aren’t doing very well. They died of a virus and they have been studiying us for centuries not planning for that possibility? BS…you know it and I know it. Horrible way to take them down…Human spirit alone should have made them just leave ending movie…they saw our pics etc…let that be teh reason they decided not to destroy everyone…REMORSE

  • joe said,
    November 27, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    in the words of comic book guy “worst ending ever!”seriously wtf did they come here ? how did they get here ? i no they rode lighting strikes but wtf did the lighting strikes come from FFSanyone think the aliens looked too much like the independence day aliens ? i turned on inderpedance day after watching this crap peice trash an there almost the same! after the biomechanicle suit is taken off in inderpendnce day that is which has me think the aliens in inderpence day had those bio suits on to protect themselves from the flu ? bird flu ? etc etc

  • Scott said,
    December 4, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I just finished watching WOTW and wow… I mean wow… special effects were great and all but jeez. For the ending they took us 100 miles away from our house blindfolded us spun us around and told us to find our way back.All of you say it was simple human disease etc… but seriously that is a horrible endingI’ve searched my mind for such similiar endings and found that the Perfect Storm ends much like this movie… STUPID… Yet I guess I should’nt be talking since I have’nt read the book.

  • Anonymous said,
    December 7, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Just got done watching the DVD for War of the Worlds. Please keep in mind never got into the hype of the movie.. never saw the old one .. and never read the book.. I had no idea what I was going to see. I am not a big fan of Tom Cruise and kinda thought…. o no… It’s Tom Cruise. I can really say I felt for his character and found it some parts believable. Him losing it in the resteraunt… the car scene and that damn basement scene. And I was thinking it was going to be safe for a while. I was getting tired of the action… I was starting to say just give up and die already… who wants to live and what would there be to live for after all that. But yet the kids after all. I did not get the birds at all. Did not understand the statue scene and if the aliens cought a flu I had no idea. Kinda took the attitude it was all rumors floating about like people would do in a crisis and would grab for anything to explain what was happening.One thing abut the movie I have to say is I felt small. I felt puny, dispensable and frightened in all the actions scenes. Even though the story outline was very fictional and would never happen but I felt like it could for that moment.Typial Speilberg greatness. Not a 10 but do think the movie is worth seeing. Did have a thought it will be on TV in 20 years time as a classic that is if the aliens don’t get us first.

  • silver raven said,
    December 14, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Speilberg has turned this classic into his own twilight zone stories.

  • joe said,
    December 16, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Speilberg should have hopped in with ET

  • Becky said,
    December 19, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    I watched the movie last night. I didn’t think it was that great. It certainly didn’t live up to all the hype. Maybe it’s me, but seeing Crazy Cruise over the past few months kind of spoiled it for me. It should have hit me when there were probably 150 movies IN STOCK at Hollywood Video. I think all the Gigli movies were in stock too when it came out on video. Anyway, I think parts of the movie were scary and I jumped a bit throughout the basement scenes, but I’m still not sure what killed the tripods. I too haven’t read the book nor did I see the original movie. I originally thought that the tripod that Cruise used the grenades in was the head tripod. I thought it looked different than the other ones. I was thinking that since the head tripod was destroyed that the other ones were kind of self destructing?? (I was trying to come up with some explanation.) Next, and I’m sure I’ll get some eye rolls for this one, I thought the birds were attracted to all the blood that the tripods were sucking up and that’s why their shields were down. They didn’t know what the birds were and they were confused?? Maybe the birds had the bird flu??? I’M SO KIDDING.I give it a thumb and a pinky down. =)

  • FallenAngel said,
    December 25, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    The ending just brings about a false sense of victory. Assuming that the lighting strikes came from spaceships orbiting the earth the aliens dieing from the virus would send a message to the spaceships. Judging by the alien technology and the crude manner in which they attacked earth the aliens are most likely going to retaliate by destroying the earth. Given that our space program is absolute crap we would be utterly defenseless. Hell, our only offence is the launch a bunch of missiles into space. Assuming the alien spaceships contain technology that is 1000 years more advanced then the machines on the ground they are likely to contain even more advanced shields and weaponry to destroy us with.

  • kellyl said,
    December 30, 2005 11 years, 114 days ago

    Tom Cruise had nothing to do with the killing of the aliens, it was AIDS.

  • Murat said,
    January 6, 2006 11 years, 114 days ago

    This is the best example of how a masterpiece story can be reduced by one of the greatest directors using great visual effects and good acting into an absolute crap of an excuse for a Sci-Fi movie.Sci-Fi without the science is nothing but senseless fiction. First, the aliens had to be so dumb to bury their assault crafts millions of years ago when the Earth was there for the taking; second, allow an intelligent (or so we think we are) species to evolve only to exterminate them to lay their original claim; third, not check the atmosphere for possible deceases that may have evolved along before deciding to strike; fourth, capable of space travel and long lived, yet incapable to terraform the Earth to their liking without human blood (how stupid is that? If anything, you would need your own biomaterial to terraform another planet, not to mention nanobots). This movie pales in comparison to ID4, which was totally entertaining and watchable, even after the stupid idea of a Mac virus infecting the alien mothership. Yea sure, they were so stupid that last time they overhauled their computers and operating system, they sourced it from Apple Computers, Earth, the very planet they were planning to invade. Ok, the idea of a computer virus is still not that remote, provided that the virus writer had full and overwhelming understanding of the targeted operating system, which is not the case with the alien ship in area 51; they couldn’t even find its ON switch in over 50 years of experimentation. It is like looking to the blank side of a piece of a puzzle and figuring out the picture and the name of the artist who painted it or photographed it.Anyway, the one movie that beats them all is Mars Attacks, great humour, as much as visually as in depth and darkness. The story was far more consistent than any of the above, and the ending clever too.

  • KimmyBurg said,
    January 8, 2006 11 years, 114 days ago

    Huh… I didn’t really like it that much… but here is my spin on the movie. The robots were planted there thousands of years ago to be used to “harvest” the humans once our population reached a certain point or we became too technically advanced to fight back (basically we reached full growth). They could have even planted the first humans here as well… (maybe that is the real Intellegience behind the “design” ha ha ha). What they didn’t expect when they came back across the galaxy was the pathogens that our blood would have developed. They were not immune, thus breakind down their “resistance” i.e. forcefields, becoming weak, dizzy, etc etc. I think that this movie could have been done better. I wasn’t impressed with the ending, I think that they did rush it.. On the other hand though, I believe that modern movie goers are so used to having the story spoon-fed to them that they grumble when a story like this begs you to engage the story and form your own logical conclusion. I don’t mind that so much but this movie could have done a little better job. Some things they came right out and told the audience, while other details were too clouded to analyze. For example, the Vein like Blood vines.. Were those feeding some centralized creature who was master control or were they embryonic factories for new beings? Hmm I am thinking a central creature theory… who knows. Maybe the answer to that was left on the cutting room floor…

  • Danielle said,
    July 9, 2006 11 years, 114 days ago

    Saw this movie for the first time just 10 minutes ago.Wow. If you’re able to suspend your own extreme incredulity and are able to shrug off extremely illogical and twisted plotting and character reactions than you are going to enjoy this film. Actually, despite the fact that at the end I was angry with disbelief and had to jump on the trusty net to find out wtf was going on with the bloody “bacteria/germ” solution to the problem, (i mean, i had thought perhaps the birds had been distracting the aliens? maybe the aliens were allergic to their blood?) after reviewing it i realised that they wanted us to think it was the “most humble of Gods creations”. But come on?! Where was the foreshadowing of the final scene? It became all about, Yay!, let’s please the simple audience viewers who want to see the happy family ending scene. (Where was the stepfather?)Overall, I found it incredibly gripping throughout, the acting (espesh by Dakota) was stunning but I was left wanting by the end. Watch it, by all means, but beware! You have been warned.

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