Star Trek to Return

‘Star Trek’ to Return with ‘Mission Impossible: 3′ Director at Helm: Hurrah! According to some sites it’ll focus on Kirk and Spock’s first mission. The next series though (whenever that happens) should so go further into the future. I’d love to see something reminiscent of Asimov’s Foundation novel, with the Federation seemingly at it’s peak but clearly in decay to those who are astute enough to see it. Unlike the Empire though, the Federation will not fall but be restored. (Note: I haven’t read Asimov’s Empire series, so I don’t know anything about it from that time.)

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  • Caroline said,
    April 24, 2006 10 years, 186 days ago

    Star Trek….*drool* Their movies are never disappointing and I haven’t had my ST fix in a while since they took it off television.Will go read books…

  • Kev said,
    April 27, 2006 10 years, 186 days ago

    I concur…Trek shines best when it faces some sort of moral “challenge” that has to be overcome. I am skeptical there will be another series anytime soon though…the money part isn’t there for them right now. They’ll let another generation pass and try again.Personally, I always thought it would be interesting to have a whole series from the Romulan perspective…the commander of a Romulan warship/bird of prey going about the quadrant doing the same thing as the Federation…only in Romulan style. Those cats have a sense of focus. Could be interesting…

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