Ocean’s Twelve

Since Tuesday is cheap movie ticket day here in Hong Kong, I went to see Ocean’s Twelve yesterday afternoon.

Compared to the first movie, the two hour ride was a little bit bumpier, a little bit kookier, and I can’t say that I really knew where I was the whole time. While I did get in quite a few laughs, I missed the glamour and finesse of Ocean’s Eleven. As expected, there were plenty of twists and turns in the plot but none as brilliant as that of its predecessor.

The all-stars however were still as cool and charming as ever. I would’ve liked a little less Catherine Zeta Jones and more of the charismatic man-crew (especially Bernie Mac), but hey, what can you do. If only they hadn’t felt the need to superglue tabs onto everyone throughout the entire movie – catching up with everyone at the beginning was good; zooming in on people’s faces eleven times halfway through just made me dizzy.

All in all though it was a terrific way to spend an afternoon and the jokes were still being brought up and replayed well into the night. I must however end with a word of warning – if you haven’t seen the first movie, definitely do so before watching this one. It jumps right into things without flashbacks, so if the Bellagio heist doesn’t ring a bell you’ll find yourself rather confused.

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  • Brenda said,
    December 22, 2004 11 years, 305 days ago

    Have heard a lot about that movie. My cousins and I wanted to watch it when we were at HK last weekend, but it was 10:00am at that time and the theatre didn’t open until 11:30am. Haha. However, I have yet to watch Ocean’s Eleven, so I might end up getting lost.

  • Melissa said,
    December 22, 2004 11 years, 305 days ago

    I’ve been wanting to see that movie as well *points at the previous commenter for refference* I haven’t been to the movies in what seems like forever I really should purchase a ticket and take a ‘ride’ sometime in the near future. And congratulations on your new domain, it REALLY suits you. You’re a baking queen so this domain name is just perfect for you

  • Dicey said,
    December 22, 2004 11 years, 305 days ago

    Hmm, your post about the film is in content similar to the critics I have read. Guess, I don’t want to see it anymore. If the finesse is missing then what’s the point?

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