Hello Again World

A place really starts to feel like home when you get in from a long day, see your new bed in your new room, and you couldn’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else. We’ve unpacked our boxes, hung our pictures on the walls, and have already had our first neighbourly dispute (their pipes which are right above us had a leak).

Dorothy and I The turtles are happy with their own new homes… Well, two of them are anyway, Zeus is in a dumpy little tub until the store has the wood for his new enclosure ready. But Dorothy and Waffle are pleased. And they shall be even more pleased once I get their above tank asking areas built so I can fill the water all the way up.

In other news, Will has been promoted so he’s now second in command of the kitchen (he cooks in a Japanese restaurant). We also picked up our new ID cards, he looks like a criminal in his photo and I look like an asshole. Gotta love ID photos.

Regarding the layout changes, sorry to you 800×600ers! I figured I’d never be sure of how I want to arrange things until I just put the changes up and looked, so things will be moving around shortly. (Which with being me and all unfortunately doesn’t mean much since that’s a relative term. )

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  • Lisa said,
    July 20, 2006 10 years, 94 days ago

    Happy housewarming! Congratulations on your new home – sounds like you’re settling right in!As a housewarming gift – I have for you a picture that I took while on our honeymoon. When I saw this guy, I thought of you and your love for turtles. It was awesome, he was the first thing I saw when I put my head under the water!As for ID photos – mine always end up looking like I should be on the America’s top 10 most wanted criminals.. hate ‘em!

  • July 21, 2006 10 years, 94 days ago

    yeahhh… 800 x 600 are rare… but whatev.

  • Jenny said,
    July 21, 2006 10 years, 94 days ago

    avid 1024×768(?) user here. mwahahahaha sometimes i go higher just to see what RO looks like but it lags like crazy so its not worth it. the layout looks awesome btw. and good luck in your new apt.

  • mae said,
    July 21, 2006 10 years, 94 days ago

    welcome back! nice to hear you’re already settled Your turtles have attitudes and cute hehe

  • July 21, 2006 10 years, 94 days ago

    Usually I wouldn’t say anything but you’re beautiful, not to mention you design beautifully as well. Keep on doing what you’re doin..

  • Jenny said,
    July 24, 2006 10 years, 94 days ago

    good luck in your new home. it’s always cool to live in a new place. especially when you don’t go far from where you were before. xD have fun!

  • char said,
    July 25, 2006 10 years, 94 days ago

    I’m so thinking of getting a turtle, you make them look sooo appealing. Gland you’re all put together.

  • Ross Hill said,
    August 13, 2006 10 years, 94 days ago

    Cool turtles, and nice WP themes

  • Wendy said,
    November 26, 2006 10 years, 94 days ago

    The turtles are awesome. And you can arrange their habitat as you please so it can be a nice decorative touch to your home.

  • grazitaly said,
    December 14, 2006 10 years, 94 days ago

    Cool turtles, have one turtle, i love it!

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