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Muah, thought these pics taken earlier today (or last night considering the time) looked pretty good.

A very small boat

The first is just a ship docked by Ocean Terminal. The second is it again with Willie sticking his hand out in front of the camera. There are a few similar picture sets of Hong Kong at night on my computer, kept us amused for a good few minutes how we could make everything look like miniatures by sticking a hand out just right. (We are easily amused people.)

Willie has now unofficially quit the band, good for him. As much as he loves music and as talented as he is, we both know he’d be happier not having to put up with the stupidity and selfishness of the other members any longer. We ran into them yesterday in TST, looked like it ruined JR’s day to see me.

And just because I can, here are a few pics I took of Dorothy:

Pics of Dorothy

Cute, no? I tried to get a few of Wasabi but he (or she, who knows) is a bit camera shy. I’m thinking of writing a small page about the pros and cons of keeping turtles as pets, seriously, they have a lot more attitude than you think. Not to mention if well taken care of they can be life long companions (although I guess this could be a con too, as certain species of tortoises can very easily outlive a human, so have you’d have to prepare for that.)

I absolutely hate seeing turtles being sold here in HK though… Unlike the US, there are no laws about what size they have to be before being sold and so there are all these hatchlings cramped together, and when they (unsurprisingly) fall ill they’re just thrown into the trash. And I bet the majority of the ones that do get bought are kept in fish bowls or something. (If you’re going to keep a turtle indoors, think large tank, filter, heater, UV light…etc.)

Muah, sorry, I’m just a bit passionate about that. I used to have turtles when I lived with my dad when I was young, and seriously, if you put the effort into taking care of them you’ll realise that, like mammals, they do have personalities and are surprisingly intelligent.

Unprovoked update: Got rid of the polls and added an Around the Web section just to post any interesting links I run into while surfing around. I also made a recolour of the Eminence theme, as I couldn’t decide if it should be pink or blue when I was making it, but I guess with skins I can now have both.

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  • Skye said,
    April 22, 2004 12 years, 187 days ago

    When you keep an animal it really does become part of the family doesn’t it? And there’s a surprising amount of ignorance as well about keeping pets. I think it would be a good aidea to make a page about it. Nice pics though. Clever. Lol.

  • Madam H said,
    April 23, 2004 12 years, 187 days ago

    That turles(s) is so cute … I really need to get one … They move faster then I thought, just from my sisters …

  • Annisa said,
    April 23, 2004 12 years, 187 days ago

    ARGH I know what you mean, bout the turtles. HK, Indonesia, same thing, no respect for animals whatsoever. I mean, they sell puppies cramped up in one little cage and they’re all over each other like sardines in a can or something. Then if one of’em gets sick, they just kill it and throw it away. God that pisses me off.

  • Lena said,
    April 23, 2004 12 years, 187 days ago

    Oh wow the shipboat (lol) looks so cool! I don’t think I’ve ever been on one of them before. ::sobb:: Aww oh my the turtle is simply adorable. =) I used to have a turtle but that was before when I still lived in England. Now it’s dead. Annyway, I’ll stop ranting. XP Love your layout =) It’s really professional-looking (it’s a good thing don’t worry lol)! The cool blue colors are nice too. ^^

  • Rilla said,
    April 23, 2004 12 years, 187 days ago

    woah! MORE turtles!!! i love the ship photo that one was so nice^^

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