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On The Ex

Perfect is nice, but it doesn’t have to be that; reasonable and decent would do too. And it’s not until you find those that you realise how crap everything was before.

So Willie and I caught a glimpse of my ex yesterday. Didn’t say hello of course, wouldn’t want my head to spontaneously combust.

It’s in my nature to hold grudges. I’ll admit that some may be petty, but with him I feel that it’s fully justified.

Willie once asked me why of earth I put up with him for so long – that certainly stumped me. I replied with a bunch of bullshit because I hate conceding that I was stupid. I don’t know what I was thinking then, and looking back I feel disgraced and humiliated.

I was never an angel though and did a lot of things behind his back. I’m comfortable with all I did away from him, even though it shows a dent in my morals. Sometimes I’d like to tell him, in the most scathing and condescending voice I could muster. As satisfying as it would be though, I’d miss being the better person.

He was with a girl when we saw him. I just hope that he’s taken a refresher in anger management and been injected with some basic respect for other people.

I’ve Been Bad…

My apologies for the disappearing act! I’ve actually been at the computer a lot lately, but busy with studying and designing.

So yes, Beccary is not dead! I’ve been lacking in motivation lately, but I think the new layout will change that. It’s on it’s way – I was trying for the May 1st Reboot but didn’t have enough time to finish up. I guess I just don’t feel like being around the current layout – I want a layout that suits who I am and the current one doesn’t do it for me. I’m aiming to have the new one ready to go within the next week.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with this design. I’ve received an amazing amount of e-mails from those who wish to see it distributed as a WordPress theme and I may go that way. (I would of course hunt down the original photographers of the two photos used for their permission, since I downloaded the pictures from

So thank you to those who continue to visit even though I’m a slacker, and… *terminator voice* I’ll be back.


I’m back! Did you miss me? After being down for a couple of days Unprovoked is back online with a new layout and a new blog script. (Thank you WordPress!) I realised that the shoutbox wasn’t the best place for people to comment on posts, so that’s gone and commenting on entries is now enabled.

I’ve been at home for the most part of the last week, I don’t have a temperature any more but I’m still feeling pretty weak. It was Willie’s birthday on the 20th (he’s 19 now) so we went out that night with some of his friends. No big party or anything, which suited both of us just fine. (He’s anti celebrating birthdays and I was feeling like I’d been run over.)

Yesterday I took Willie to the optometrist to get him his first pair of glasses. (Muah, yes, I ‘took him.’) I had always thought that he was just being a drama queen (or king) when he complained about how short sighted he was, but I’ve changed my mind since seeing how shocked the optometrist was that Willie had never gone to get glasses before after examining him.

Must go eat now. I’ve spent all morning on the layout and forgot that I’m hungry.