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4 years and counting

The 6th marked the 4 year anniversary of Will and I’s first date. We skipped all the fanfare this year – mainly because it’s so hard to free up time nowadays, but also because we’d agreed long in advance that we’d rather spend the time we could spare watching Spider-Man on its opening day. He’s a comic book fan and I like blockbuster movies, so there you go!

I’m anything but a romantic (except for perhaps, say, covered in sauce), but I am a huge fan of the little moments.

One time I was at Will’s place cooling down with those little portion-sized cartons of chocolate milk. Of course I stupidly ended up dripping some on his sheets.

“Whoops, sorry honey I’ll clean it up.”

*Will turns and feigns anger* “What are you doing?! I don’t go around pouring chocolate milk all over your bed!”

At which point the laughter exploded in a spray of sweet, delicous chocolate, through my nose and all over his bed.

That moment will stick with me for a long time. Not just because I’d never filled my nose with chocolate milk before (or anything else that shouldn’t be in there for that matter) but because I just felt so delighted.

There are so many moments that even after I’ve forgotten what we were doing or talking about I remember the delight. You know delight, the kind of happiness that makes you shimmy your shoulders. Humans don’t often delight me, but he does.

Love, laughter and friendship, now that’s what I’m talking about. So here’s to another year!

It’s nice to be appreciated


Will had an ebook he wanted to read on the PSP I’d bought him for his birthday. Having no idea how to read .lit files on it, I used ConvertLIT GUI to convert the book into an HTML file.

Since it was a massive and rather unreadable file, I split it up for him into chapters, styled the pages, and added a nice little nav bar.

It was the first time he’d seen anyone messing with code. It’s pretty easy for me to forget that it’s not something the majority of the world does and enjoys.

His response?

“Wow… Now I have so much respect for you and what you do.”

It’s nice to be appreciated.

To the moon and back

Had an incredibly time in Melbourne, I love that place. Fresh air, fun people, and coffee on every corner. For the first couple of days back in HK I kept expecting to turn around and be back in Mel and Steve’s place, and now I’m left feeling kind of heartbroken. Guess I didn’t realize how much I’d missed everyone over there.

The wedding was fantastic, everything was so beautiful and everyone including myself had such a fantastic time. Mel and Steve were the most gorgeous bride and groom!

The night before the wedding Mel, Mom and I stayed in a boutique hotel. We got a balcony suite furnished with “historic Asian furniture”, which was awesome even though I was too scared to touch any of it. In the morning the bridesmaids joined us along with Mary and Sarah (Steve’s mom and sister) to get our hair and make-up done. The three stylists/artists made pretty good time, getting nine of us done within five hours. The boys got ready in Steve’s parents’ place, apparently their morning involved putting their suits on and watching a lot of cricket.

We were delivered to the church in white Rolls Royces. The ceremony itself was lovely. Mel and Steve chose a great church, it was so much more comfortable than I’d expected. It was such a touching scene to be a part of and a quite a few eyes teared up, most noticeably the groom’s. Aww!

After the ceremony we had a couple of photo shoots around the city and then at Quat Quatta, the reception venue. A few scans of the professional photos:

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First comes love, then comes marriage

No, not me! It’s my older sister, Melissa, who’ll be marrying Steve, her other half since 2002. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Mel and Steve

Not to mention adorable?

Steve and Mel

The wedding’s on November 25th and I’ll be flying over on the 10th. I get to be Mel’s maid of honour and my brother, Chris, is the best man.

I don’t know Steve very well, what with them being a nine hour flight away and all, but he’s a good man who makes my sister happy. Mel on the other hand I’ve known my whole life (haha ) and she is an intelligent, gifted, funny and loving person.

It’ll be good to get back to Melbourne, see some old friends, see the stars once again and breathe some fresh air. Will’s getting there the day before the wedding and we’ll be staying with Vicki for a few days afterwards. It’ll be his first time out of Asia, we’re so excited!

Mel Mel and Steve, I love you lots and lots! You make a wonderful pair. I wish you all the joy in the world and a beautiful future together. Can’t wait to see you guys.

Mel and I as kiddies

Beware of attack turtle

A box arrived for me in the mail and look what popped out!

Toby and I

He jumped right on me, feisty little guy. He’s a gift from Lisa, E.Webscapes head honcho, blogger extraordinaire, shutterbug, and absolute sweetheart. Thank you Lisa!

Before he got here she suggested that I might name whatever was in the box and perhaps even put it on a shelf. Me, getting emotionally attached to inanimate objects? Psh… (His name is Toby and he’s friends with Quasar and Mr. Sguiggly Sguiggle.)

As much as I and the other turtle plushies approve of Toby, Dorothy was unimpressed as usual. You can’t blame her though, she’s just scared he’ll be taking a share of the food (and obviously not bright enough to realise he’s a toy). Aww, look at her trying to attack me through the glass:

Dorothy and I

And Zeus adds that if ‘that thing’ moves, he’ll eat it:


Moving on, Vicki was over again recently and this time Ross, her boyfriend, came along as well. It’s nice to meet people you’ve heard so much about, you’re always surprised by how completely different they are from what you expected! (Pleasantly so, of course.)

Vicki and I: (She is not a turtle, but like them she is very cute, eats fish, and has retractable limbs)

Vicki and I

And for those who haven’t already seen it, my new social network profile pic:

Turtle Becca

It feels much more ‘me’ than anything that could come straight out of the camera (my mom says I’m weird). Well most words you can think of to describe it pretty much describe me in one way or another, so I love it!

Beaches and Knees

So much for a relaxing break. I haven’t had a nice day for the past one-and-a-half weeks since Will and I went to the beach (pics after the jump). Since then I’ve been working on keeping my wallet nourished and happy.

Oddly enough, Will managed to tear a muscle in his knee the other day while getting dressed. I don’t know how he does it! At first he went to a Chinese healer since he feared hospitals. He must’ve really been in pain though as today he overcame that fear and called me to meet him at a medical centre. Now he knows they’re not that scary, just incredibly boring (”expected waiting time: 2 hours”).

Poor guy has the worst luck. He’s the kind of guy who will always drop the last chocolate or trip on the last step. I’ve seen him peel a banana and half of it just dropped off and went splat.

The beach was good, prior to last week I hadn’t been to one for about six years. We played some frisbee, Will went wakeboarding, and I got to spend a couple of hours reading a book and rolling around in the sand. Now I shall spend the next six years trying to get of all the sand in our bags and shoes.

In the evening a storm came rolling in, complete with fork lightning and booming thunder. As a kid living by the coast and I loved watching the solid grey walls of rain come in (from a safe location of course). Unfortunately a lot of teens at the beach didn’t seem to know the ’safe location’ rule and either went running to play in the choppy water or cowered under trees. Aiya!

Me being sloth-like and pleased about it:

Becca, sloth-like and happy

Will and a friendly bubble:


In case you’re wondering, in his left hand he’s holding his wallet.


Waiting for food. Don’t worry, I didn’t get burned up, the restaurant had red lights.


My man and his ‘photo smile’:

More Will

Vulcan salute [Edit] How bad am I! I forgot to say Happy 40th Birthday to Star Trek. Live long and prosper. (Yes I’ve already noticed I’m holding my thumb wrong.) [/Edit]

Summer Loving

Willie and I dropped by Ocean Park the other day. It drizzled on and off throughout the day, which was fortunate or horrible depending on who you ask. The moment it started trickling people would clear out, leaving the queues pleasantly short.

After a while I finally blurted out my dirty little secret. I really don’t like rides. I’ll go on them so you don’t think I’m a wuss, but the experience just isn’t fun. My internal organs get all confused, there’s no adrenaline rush to reward me, and it basically feels like leaning over backwards for too long. Once the truth was out Willie responded, “Oh ok… Now let’s go ride the mine train!”

Obligatory shot of the park:

Ocean Park

For Will, who reckons rays have “the cutest faces”.

Face of a ray

“Get them off me!”

Fish mob


Turtle power

“You okay man?”

Sea lion at the show

The world’s worst dolphin shot:

Dolphin show

He just has to touch everything!

Some shark or ray thing

I realise now that I didn’t look nearly as distressed as I intended to.


Resting in the Japanese garden. Don’t we look like each other here?

Japanese garden

Will the man:

Willie overlooking the garden

Becca the slightly damp:


Going to see the jellyfish:

Will and I

Isn’t this guy/girl/thing awesome?

Cool jellyfish

Around 6-something the real rain clouds starting moving in, so we headed back to town.


More photos at Flickr »

The best moment of the day happened once we’d gotten back into the city. We were a couple of metres from the road seeing if any good buses stopped nearby. After standing and talking for a few minutes, Willie wandered towards the road and right as he reached the rail a double decker roared by, showering him with road water.

It was one of the most incredible things I’d ever seen! Fortunately (and impressively) the majority of the splash went over his head. He turned around, stunned and completely horrified, and I sadly have to say that the first thing I did was to crack up laughing.

So despite the rain, the queue jumpers, and the bastards who use flash around the aquariums, it was a great day. I’m also told the hotdogs were fantastic.


So I’m an adult now. To answer a question I’ve been asked many times, I do not feel the slightest bit more grown up whatsoever.

I’m not in the habit of celebrating my birthday. Do you remember being a kid and waking everyone up at 6am ’cause it’s your birthday? Now things are more like “Ahh, I can sleep until 6pm because it’s my birthday.” Willie said we could do whatever I wanted that day though, so I dragged him along to sweat it out at the Botanical Gardens. Well, it’s what I wanted to do!

Some pics: (Sorry for the quality, everything was taken from behind wire cage walls.)

A Scarlet Ibis, their colours are incredible.

Scarlet Ibis

This was my favourite, a Crowned Pigeon.

Crowned Pigeon



A friendly duck that Willie made friends with. It waddled right up to us, looked him in the eye, and started what could only be described as having a conversation. We’re pretty sure it was begging for feed, but it was still damn cute.

Cute Duck

Unfortunately most of the mammals were snoozing, save for the lemurs. Good lemur:

Good Lemur

Bad, bad lemur!

Bad Lemur

Told you the rest were napping. This guy was huge.


There were also various cranes, parrots, primates, and a couple of reptiles, but since parts of the park were under renovation I couldn’t really get a good look. Strangely enough though, while surrounded by all sorts of exotic creatures Willie found the highlight of the day to be a small animal that was scuttling around the outside of the bird enclosures. “Oh my God, a squirrel! I’ve never seen a squirrel before – look at it go!”

… You know, I’ve been sitting here typing this trying to think up some words of wisdom. They don’t seem to want to come to me. I don’t know what to say about officially becoming an adult. I feel just as small, just as sheepish, just as strange, and just as absolutely complete as before. Maybe that’s where I’m meant to be for now.


Pants That Work

I’m finally able to fit back into a pair of jeans that’ve been dormant for one-and-a-half years. They button up and everything! I’m so pleased.

3-Year Anniversary

Willie and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary yesterday. We didn’t do anything special, just a nice dinner then back to his place, but it was lovely.

A little bird We had a special visitor as well. While we were getting coffee in the afternoon a little bird (some kind of white-eye?) flew over, hopped around the table and chairs, chirped a bit, and flew off. You don’t usually find birds that will dare to come right up to you over here, we don’t have any evil pigeon/seagull flocks. I like to think the little fellow wished us a happy anniversary.

I never thought I’d still be interested in or attracted to someone after a year, let alone three of them. I’m pretty sure it’s got a lot longer to go too. I’ve never known anyone (including myself) with a better heart than him, and I love him.

In three years we have not gone more than two days without seeing each other, and that was due to a severe typhoon. We have never seriously fought or yelled at each other. Quiet people we are not, but there’s just never been a reason to argue. (Play fights, however, are common occurences.) In three years we’ve become best friends and happier people.

And I knew I really, really loved him when I opted for a cold butt in the shower instead of hogging all the hot water. (His answer to the same question was “always”.)

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