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Waffle and salad (and Dorothy too)

Now that he’s grown up a bit, Waffle’s become a bit more weary and a bit less witless. He’s still insanely warm-hearted for a reptile though and is perfectly content in the company of humans as long as they don’t wield cameras.

Well I do occasionally wield a camera, and it’s nearly impossible to get a decent shot of him when he’s on the alert. The solution? Distract with food (remember, he’s still a little witless). The result? Pictures with my baby’s cuute little face actually showing.

Oh, and even though I say he’s a he, I’m pretty sure by now that he’s a she. But I was so sure for so long that he was a he that I can’t stop calling him that.

The next photo’s from a while ago, but just in case you haven’t seen it here’s one of my favourite pictures of Dorothy:

It was taken a moment before she noticed I was there then shot me a look like I was being loud or something. Seriously, she looks at people like we’re the small ones. Aah well, Dorothy will be Dorothy, and she’ll still always be my little girl!

Beware of attack turtle

A box arrived for me in the mail and look what popped out!

Toby and I

He jumped right on me, feisty little guy. He’s a gift from Lisa, E.Webscapes head honcho, blogger extraordinaire, shutterbug, and absolute sweetheart. Thank you Lisa!

Before he got here she suggested that I might name whatever was in the box and perhaps even put it on a shelf. Me, getting emotionally attached to inanimate objects? Psh… (His name is Toby and he’s friends with Quasar and Mr. Sguiggly Sguiggle.)

As much as I and the other turtle plushies approve of Toby, Dorothy was unimpressed as usual. You can’t blame her though, she’s just scared he’ll be taking a share of the food (and obviously not bright enough to realise he’s a toy). Aww, look at her trying to attack me through the glass:

Dorothy and I

And Zeus adds that if ‘that thing’ moves, he’ll eat it:


Moving on, Vicki was over again recently and this time Ross, her boyfriend, came along as well. It’s nice to meet people you’ve heard so much about, you’re always surprised by how completely different they are from what you expected! (Pleasantly so, of course.)

Vicki and I: (She is not a turtle, but like them she is very cute, eats fish, and has retractable limbs)

Vicki and I

And for those who haven’t already seen it, my new social network profile pic:

Turtle Becca

It feels much more ‘me’ than anything that could come straight out of the camera (my mom says I’m weird). Well most words you can think of to describe it pretty much describe me in one way or another, so I love it!

Hello Again World

A place really starts to feel like home when you get in from a long day, see your new bed in your new room, and you couldn’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else. We’ve unpacked our boxes, hung our pictures on the walls, and have already had our first neighbourly dispute (their pipes which are right above us had a leak).

Dorothy and I The turtles are happy with their own new homes… Well, two of them are anyway, Zeus is in a dumpy little tub until the store has the wood for his new enclosure ready. But Dorothy and Waffle are pleased. And they shall be even more pleased once I get their above tank asking areas built so I can fill the water all the way up.

In other news, Will has been promoted so he’s now second in command of the kitchen (he cooks in a Japanese restaurant). We also picked up our new ID cards, he looks like a criminal in his photo and I look like an asshole. Gotta love ID photos.

Regarding the layout changes, sorry to you 800×600ers! I figured I’d never be sure of how I want to arrange things until I just put the changes up and looked, so things will be moving around shortly. (Which with being me and all unfortunately doesn’t mean much since that’s a relative term. )

Change is Inevitable

Hello you lovely people! Sorry for the disappearing act, I’ve been busy burying myself under a pile of boxes. We’re moving apartment tomorrow, and being the horrible procrastinator I am I didn’t bother getting anything packed until it turned into a very large task that needed to be completed very quickly.

I’ve also realised that I come from a family of pack rats. It was horrifying to see exactly how much junk I’d managed to stuff into my room over the past few years. But then I went to see what Mom was up to and she was diligently unpacking and repacking several boxes that hadn’t been touched since the last time we moved. I guess a weakness for knick knacks runs in the genes.

Set up the new turtle tanks today. The matching blisters I have on both hands proves it (I love Fluval filters, but the initial priming is a pain in the ass). Waffle’s getting a 65 gallon tank and Dorothy’s getting a 75. I’ll be making a separate trip tomorrow to bring them over. Then I get to make some custom above tank basking areas, and a custom enclosure for Zeus (I really want to do something like this tortoise table). I’ve been getting so obsessed with them lately. Willie fears the day that we move in together and I fill the house with reptiles.

The computer needs to be boxed now, so see you all on the other side.

Super Turtle

Dorothy eating breakfast

It’s Super Turtle in her breakfast bowl!

Notes: The white stuff in the water is a cuttlefish bone she just shredded. The food tub is an octagon, explaining why she appears to have two heads. Super doesn’t equal photogenic.

The Great Escape

An old pic of the turts, but it’s still one of my favourites.

Waffle and Dorothy #1

I had to clean Waffle’s tank and so I moved him into a smaller tub next to Dorothy’s. Since he loves climbing, I quickly taped a couple sheets of plastic to the sides so that he wouldn’t be able to get out. When I came back the sheets of plastic had been pushed down and he was perched precariously on the tub’s rim. Dorothy was swimming back and forth in front of him, seemingly saying, “What do you think you’re doing, punk?”

Another shot capturing Dorothy’s not-all-too-impressed expression:

Waffle and Dorothy #2

An Update on Life

A quick update on how life is.

Bought myself a new phone not along ago, here’s a pic of the little girl:

A windy day #1

It’s a Nokia 3120. Didn’t want a fancy phone, don’t need a built in camera and my PDA takes care of most other things. What I did want was something cheap enough so that it wouldn’t push me too far away from my goal of saving up enough for a good digital cam. After rebates, she’ll have taken HK$600 (just under US$80) from my bank account. Not bad at all.

The weather’s been gorgeous lately, the summer heat and much more horrible humidity seem to have passed for this year. There’s something about good weather that makes everything seem more beautiful. Willie and I being blown away in the breeze:

A windy day #1 A windy day #2

Pic taken before a zit the size of China popped up on my cheek. I really need to lay of the cheese chips.

Oh yes, and I’m now officially on a diet. After quitting smoking my weight crept up to 105lbs, which may sound fine and dandy but I have at least three pairs of pants that I can’t quite squeeze into anymore. Trying to do so proves to be rather frustrating.

Dorothy, my Red-eared slider, has finally moved into her new tank in my room. Her favourite hobby is now rearranging rocks while I’m trying to sleep and diving off her dock (spllaasshh) while I’m trying to sleep in. Good fun.

Site-wise, I’ve decided to finally let go of the old themes/styles. Retiring them is strangely difficult, but I know I can do a better job now than I could when I made them.

I hope to blog again soon, but if I do end up slacking off (it’s been known to happen), then you can always keep yourself amused at Elea’s or Skye’s, two of my absolute favourite personal bloggers.

La La Land

Half of me is here. The other half is off skipping through the Hundred Acre Woods (or somewhere equally as imaginary). It’s the whole quitting smoking thing, I’m finding it so hard to concentrate on anything for more than two minutes. I know it’s worth it, but I want my brain back already!

I did manage to get some sitely things done though, there’s a new skin up, Sensitive. As always, comments and feedback are appreciated. I also got rid of the Bakelog since I wasn’t posting in it as much as I had planned to. All pics were shifted over to the Lady section. I’ll be giving the Goodies section a makeover soon, I know I’ve been neglecting it and that stale feeling’s beginning to bug me.

Willie came over earlier today to rest during his break. Poor thing was exhausted, he just wandered into my room, collapsed on the bed and promptly fell asleep. He doesn’t usually snore but he sounded like a jet engine today, probably due to the fatigue. ‘Twas quite amusing though, you know how some people can snore loud enough to wake themselves up? Well I was lying next to him, wide awake I might add, and as the decibel level peaked, he was shocked awake. He then rolled over, looked me in the eye and accused me of snoring and waking him up.

An assortment of recent photos:

Spacing out

Me, off in the Hundred Acre Woods


Dorothy basking


Waffle thinking

Continuing with that randomness, tell me some randomly interesting things that you’ve ever said or heard. What I can think of for now…

One day Lena came into school wearing bright orange sunglasses. A few of us girls were standing around chatting and then Clarke walked up.

Clarke (to Lena): “Hey can you see through walls with those things?”
Me: “Don’t be silly. Lena, zap him with them.”

No one got it ’til a few minutes later.

One morning when my sister was over in HK, I walked into the kitchen to see her making some toast. When I got a bit closer, I noticed that the slice she was buttering had barely even started to colour.

Me: “That’s not done yet. Why don’t you put it in for a bit longer?”
Sis: “Oh no, I’m not trying to kill it. I just want to scare it a bit.”

My sister is a strange creature.

On the subject of Clarke, I do believe we’re acting like friends again. I’ve cooled down since hearing that he and Steph slept together, and it actually seems like a good thing now. He and I have a habit of flirting a little and I was always a bit worried that one day, some sort of ‘moment’ might happen and we’d end up in bed again. Now I can just imagine him and Steph together, and believe me, that image is a libido killer. If life gives you lemons, make a lemon meringue pie and all that sort of stuff.

Dobi Wan Kenobi

To continue on from what I said in the last post about my mom forgetting how old I am, don’t worry, it’s not like we’re distant from each other. She just happens to be sweet, caring, and incredibly forgetful! We’ve agreed that it’s a good thing I’m honest, I could get away with so much otherwise. I’ve been paying her back HK$1000 (US$130) bit by bit, and each time I hand over some of it she looks surprised and asks why I’m giving it to her.

The past couple of days have been decent to me. I’m down to only one ciggie a day, and went for a whole 36 hours without a smoke. Before that I hadn’t gone longer than 24 hours for 3 or 4 years. I’ve also been trying to work out a bit more, don’t want to gain too much weight while quitting.

I’m pretty happy with how much money I’m saving by not buying ciggies. Willie and I walked all up and down Tung Choi Street (usually referred to by me as fish or turtle street) but I couldn’t find anything I wanted to buy besides from my basic turt supplies, so I took him to a nice lunch instead. Starting next month though I’ll begin to put away the money that I save. Some things I want to buy when I’ve got enough cash: a new filter for Dorothy, a heater for Waffle, Leonidas choccies for Mom and Willie (they are so good), and maybe a new top for myself.

Hah, yes the two turtle items are on top of the list. Oh, and not that many will be interested but Mom has given Dorothy a new name. We’ve always referred to her affectionately as Dobi (pronounced Doh-bee) but for some reason Mom’s been extending it recently and calling her Dobi Wan Kenobi all the time. (I came back with “Cobra Commander” as a new name for Waffle, after she remarked that he had a snake-like neck. Take away two cool points if you know who Cobra Commander is.)

Not much else to say right now, so I’ll leave you with a few things I found amusing from the latest Dilbert newsletter.

True Tales of Induhviduals

“I was sitting in the lunchroom with a coworker, and he noticed a “funny” pattern on one of his socks. He told me that his socks were the same color, but the pattern of one was not right. He just couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I let him ponder the situation for five minutes and then I informed him that he was wearing one sock inside out. He is our director of quality.”

Induhvidual Quotes

“A little pain never hurt anyone.”

“My arms were knee-deep in mud.”

“The squeaky wheel is the one that makes the most noise.”

Unprovoked update: Got accepted into Diamonds of the Web. I’ve also retired two skins, cleaned up the remaining four’s CSS files and added a couple new clocks.

Easily Amused

Muah, thought these pics taken earlier today (or last night considering the time) looked pretty good.

A very small boat

The first is just a ship docked by Ocean Terminal. The second is it again with Willie sticking his hand out in front of the camera. There are a few similar picture sets of Hong Kong at night on my computer, kept us amused for a good few minutes how we could make everything look like miniatures by sticking a hand out just right. (We are easily amused people.)

Willie has now unofficially quit the band, good for him. As much as he loves music and as talented as he is, we both know he’d be happier not having to put up with the stupidity and selfishness of the other members any longer. We ran into them yesterday in TST, looked like it ruined JR’s day to see me.

And just because I can, here are a few pics I took of Dorothy:

Pics of Dorothy

Cute, no? I tried to get a few of Wasabi but he (or she, who knows) is a bit camera shy. I’m thinking of writing a small page about the pros and cons of keeping turtles as pets, seriously, they have a lot more attitude than you think. Not to mention if well taken care of they can be life long companions (although I guess this could be a con too, as certain species of tortoises can very easily outlive a human, so have you’d have to prepare for that.)

I absolutely hate seeing turtles being sold here in HK though… Unlike the US, there are no laws about what size they have to be before being sold and so there are all these hatchlings cramped together, and when they (unsurprisingly) fall ill they’re just thrown into the trash. And I bet the majority of the ones that do get bought are kept in fish bowls or something. (If you’re going to keep a turtle indoors, think large tank, filter, heater, UV light…etc.)

Muah, sorry, I’m just a bit passionate about that. I used to have turtles when I lived with my dad when I was young, and seriously, if you put the effort into taking care of them you’ll realise that, like mammals, they do have personalities and are surprisingly intelligent.

Unprovoked update: Got rid of the polls and added an Around the Web section just to post any interesting links I run into while surfing around. I also made a recolour of the Eminence theme, as I couldn’t decide if it should be pink or blue when I was making it, but I guess with skins I can now have both.

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