4 years and counting

The 6th marked the 4 year anniversary of Will and I’s first date. We skipped all the fanfare this year – mainly because it’s so hard to free up time nowadays, but also because we’d agreed long in advance that we’d rather spend the time we could spare watching Spider-Man on its opening day. He’s a comic book fan and I like blockbuster movies, so there you go!

I’m anything but a romantic (except for perhaps, say, covered in sauce), but I am a huge fan of the little moments.

One time I was at Will’s place cooling down with those little portion-sized cartons of chocolate milk. Of course I stupidly ended up dripping some on his sheets.

“Whoops, sorry honey I’ll clean it up.”

*Will turns and feigns anger* “What are you doing?! I don’t go around pouring chocolate milk all over your bed!”

At which point the laughter exploded in a spray of sweet, delicous chocolate, through my nose and all over his bed.

That moment will stick with me for a long time. Not just because I’d never filled my nose with chocolate milk before (or anything else that shouldn’t be in there for that matter) but because I just felt so delighted.

There are so many moments that even after I’ve forgotten what we were doing or talking about I remember the delight. You know delight, the kind of happiness that makes you shimmy your shoulders. Humans don’t often delight me, but he does.

Love, laughter and friendship, now that’s what I’m talking about. So here’s to another year!

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  • MK said,
    May 11, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago


  • pelf said,
    May 11, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    Aww… This is very sweet (and I don’t mean the chocolate milk)..Congratulations, and cheers to many more years!

  • Leanne said,
    May 11, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    Aww – happy anniversary! Here’s to many more!

  • Lara said,
    May 11, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    I know exactly what you mean They’re those perfect “make you smile while you’re doing the wash” moments you randomly recall. I’m glad to see you two still together – Christian and I are pushing three years now. Haha, it just makes you want to go awwww.

  • Mae said,
    May 11, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    aaawww… Becca, congratulations! I’m so glad you’re still together and relationship is going strong too!

  • Chien Yee said,
    May 11, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago


  • Kim said,
    May 11, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    aww congratulations! hope you have another fantastic year!

  • Vish said,
    May 12, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Jenn said,
    May 12, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    I know exactly what kind of delight you’re talking about. I had a moment like that with Dan yesterday. It was something so silly, but it really sticks with me.Congratulations.

  • Robbie said,
    May 13, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    Congratulatins, to many, many more years of happines, love and friendship.

  • Jem said,
    May 14, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    Hehe, congratulations – here’s hoping you have many more wonderful years together!

  • Skye said,
    May 16, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    Congratulations on four years Its sounds like you’re at that really nice stage, where all the squabbles are over and done with – you can just be silly together Moments like that are priceless

  • Dave said,
    May 25, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    I found your site while looks for some themes. I must say I agree about the special moments. Those specials days (birthdays, anniversaries) have to much build up. After 14 years of marriage I remember those unplanned special moments more than any birthday event.

  • May 29, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    Your statement, “Humans don’t often delight me.”, tugged at my being. Quite literally, it’s the first time I’ve encountered someone that writes and expresses themselves in the same manner in which I think, usually silently. Not just that one statement, but everything that you’ve shared on your blog, all of it somehow touches me. You are an extraordinary “human”! No doubt would I take great pleasure in coming to know you.Until another moment, Paula.AUSR. Musings

  • Abazi Abaz said,
    July 19, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    cute yuck

  • Krish said,
    July 20, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    “Humans don’t often delight me”? Why do you write a blog? Last time I checked I don’t know of any non-human on this planet that can read a blog. So you write blogs to be viewed by someone who usually doesn’t delight you? A bit stupid or hypocritical? pick one.

  • Nats said,
    August 16, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    Congratulations on your 4 years………I wish you many more

  • tonychelweb said,
    September 15, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    we’re steady for 7 years, before we finally to get married.happy 4th year anniversary!!!cheers!tonychel

  • Jan said,
    September 26, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    Sounds like you have a devoted fan base here! Lots of great stuff, I was about to jump off when I hit the entry regarding chocolate, anniversaries and all that. I’m late, but Happy Anniversary. Chocolate and anniversaries go well together. Throw bedsheets in the mix and we have a WINNAH!

  • Anonymous said,
    October 14, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

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  • db said,
    October 28, 2007 9 years, 171 days ago

    Noticed the post when looking at your themes. Congrads on the special day. I have to agree its those special moements and not those scheduled dates in time that are more important.

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