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Themes updated

All themes have been updated with the following changes:

  • Added an option to display/hide post authors
  • Added an option to use the date specified in WP’s general options page (uses the_time(get_settings('date_format')))
  • Added links to trackback URLs (if pingbacks are enabled) and comment feeds (if comments or pingbacks are enabled) on single post pages
  • Added previous/next post links on single post pages
  • Changed index, category and archive page navigation from posts_nav_link() to next_posts_link() and previous_posts_link()due to localisation problems
  • Added CSS classes you can use to give your images borders

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I’ve also spent a bit of time lately searching for WP 2.1 compatible themes with widget support for a friend, and I have to say that Blog.txt and Qwilm!2 are fantastic.

Full feeds in WordPress 2.1

A feature new to WordPress 2.1 popped up to say hello when I checked my feed earlier. Apparently using the <!–more–> quicktag now cuts off your feeds as well, even if they’re set to full text, and adds a ‘more’ link to the entry’s page. If this behaviour doesn’t appeal to you, you can get your really-full full text feed back with the Full Text Feed plugin by Cave Monkey 50.

Please vote for Mel!

Mel and Steve Mel’s entered a bride competition, please vote for her! She’s at the top right-hand corner.

Note: The “Vote here for” is an e-mail link, it can be sent in with just the subject or you can add some comments in the message body. Voting is open until the end of January.

When I was seven my family spent the summer travelling around Australia. We were trekking with a group through a forest-y area and came to rest by a small waterfall. While sitting in and around a pool at the top Dad started badgering Mel to get in the water. She refused, he insisted. This somehow ended up with him trying to drag her in, which in turn resulted in both of them being flung head-first over the fall.

Now I immediately started tearing up and a nice stranger tried to comfort me. “Don’t cry, look they’re fine. Everyone’s okay.” That did shut me up, but only for his benefit. I didn’t have the heart to admit I was only crying because one of them had rolled on and squashed my foot on the way over.

So vote for Mel! If not because she’s sweet and charming, then because she has the best take on how she likes her toast (”Oh I don’t want to kill it, just scare it a little”), could probably bench-press me, wrote me letters from the tooth-fairy when we were little, and has survived a trip over a waterfall (not to mention her little sister).

Don’t you hate being the last to know?

So after staying at Will’s place for a couple of days I arrived home and went to say hi to my mom. If I don’t see her for a day or two we still catch up on the phone. Since our conversations had recently revolved around where I am and what’s for dinner, I was naturally surprised to see her hand all bandaged up.

“What happened to you?”

“Oh, I had minor surgery while you were gone.”

What?! Now there’s something I reckon is definitely worth mentioning. She’s fine and it was just a staph infection in her finger, but still. Silly mom!

I also got a call from uni this morning, turns out I’ve been awarded a certificate of excellence for one of the courses I took last semester. Apparently I was meant to have known about this almost three weeks ago – I did receive the snail mail, but hadn’t opened it until after the call since the “Awards Ceremony for Outstanding Students” header made me figure they just needed crowd-fillers. Whoops.